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Micro-credentials: A Solution for the Rapidly Changing Nature of Work

Join us for an insightful webinar with Leslie A. Thomas, Ph.D., Chief Psychometric and Strategy Officer at Kryterion. Learn how micro-credentials can help professionals and companies upskill and reskill quickly to adapt to rapid changes in the workplace.

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85 million jobs will be displaced and 97 million new ones created by 2025, highlighting the need for professionals to quickly adapt by learning new skills. The pandemic has accelerated Industry 4.0, causing drastic changes to the way we live, learn and work. Remote work, job/career changes, and global teams are among the changes for professionals. Companies also have to adapt to market disruption accelerated by automation, A.I., robotics, IoT, and cloud computing. Inside this webinar, learn about the competitive edge that companies and professionals can tap into through micro-credentials.

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Thomas has more than 20 years' experience in the testing industry. Leslie and her team work closely with Kryterion customers to help them make the best decisions for their programs based on her extensive expertise, experience, and practical approach to problem-solving. Leslie helps organizations translate their business goals into a program that provides real value to their stakeholders such as increased public safety, enhanced product adoption, higher customer satisfaction, or lower support costs.

The Webinar's Crucial

    • What is a Micro-Credential?
    • Key Qualities and Considerations for Micro-credentials
    • The "Superpower" of Micro-credentials
    • Micro-certification vs. Knowledge Check
    • Professional Development and Micro-credentials
    • Stacking Micro-credentials for Certification
    • Quality Standards for Certification
    • Micro-credential Development and Administration
    • Caution Required! Don't Make These Mistakes